Sheridan Wilson

Salon Coordinator

Sheridan joined our team in 2018 in sort of a serendipity kind of way. She had been to the salon before as a haircut model and returned to get a haircut with Sean. Sean and Sheridan got talking during her hair appointment and Sean was seriously like, “Sheridan, you should work here!” and “Trisha, you should hire Sheridan.” So in that moment, Sheridan became part of Starship with zero salon experience, but she was vegan, adorable. and had Sean’s seal of approval. Since that day, Sheridan has not only exceeded our expectations as a truly amazing salon assistant, she has taken on the role of Salon Coordinator and has aspired to learn everything she can about delivering a great customer service experience for our lovely guests. Sheridan is witty, funny, smart, caring and detail oriented. She loves getting to know all of you and making you feel at home. In her pass time, Sheridan enjoys writing, making videos, thrifting and getting snuggles from her lovely cat, Hemingway. We are so grateful to have her part of the Starship Family. Feel free to contact Sheridan anytime to schedule your next visit at with us at Starship Salon.