Love is in the Hair at Starship Salon!

Valentine’s Day is here. You’ve got the flowers, the vegan chocolates and the dinner reservations all ready to go! But what about your hair? Not to worry! We’ve come up with these easy to do, classic yet modern looks sure to help you woo your special someone!

First, our wonderful stylist Constance Hinaris used our amazing, cruelty free color line Keune to give Meredith a gorgeous new ruby red hair color. What could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day?

Next, our Senior Stylist and Hair Warrior in residence, Jill Mock went in using our GHD Creative Wand to give Meredith some lovely curls. Jill took one inch sections of Meredith’s hair and wrapped each section around the styling wand one section at a time, starting at the ends, working her way up to about an inch below her roots and held it for about two minutes.

Once Meredith’s hair was beautifully curled throughout, Jill sprayed a light amount of KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY to ensure that those curls didn’t go anywhere!

From there, Jill used a styling brush throughout Meredith’s hair to give her adorable curls a more relaxed look.

Jill finished this look off with a generous spray of KEVIN.MURPHY DOO.OVER, a revolutionary powder spray that gives soft, bouncy volume while also providing flexible hold and texture throughout Meredith’s cascading curls.

Finally, we finished Meredith’s date night look by adding a simple, yet elegant and universally flattering red lip using the wonderful vegan makeup line we carry at Starship Salon, Inika Organic Creme Colour in Rosehip.

Fellas, you’re not excluded from getting an awesome new date night look! Meredith’s sweetheart, Mike came in as well to get his hair looking perfect for his lady.

Jill began using a dime sized dollop of KEVIN.MURPHY FREE.HOLD, an awesome styling creme the offers a medium hold and natural shine.

After working the product completely into hair, roots to ends to get the maximum styling results, Jill used the fine tooth section of our ARROJO comb and from Mike’s part she combed it back to influence the part and style.

Jill then added a light spritz of KEVIN.MURPHY TEXTURE.MASTER and used the tip of ARROJO fine tooth comb to detail the style.


Jill put the finishing touches on Mike’s look using our amazing Max Green Alchemy Signature Blend Beard Oil, which is 100% natural, conditions and adds shine to even the woolliest of beards. She thoroughly massaged the oil into Mike’s beard to keep it soft and ready for snuggling!


It’s true what they say “A couple who does their hair together, stays together.” Okay, maybe that’s not quite how the saying goes…but Meredith and Mike certainly agree! And we’re sure you will too when you come visit Starship Salon for your next date night ready style!

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